Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution

“If you love art, you’ll love this show” – BBC
“So unlikely to be repeated that the museum might as well use ‘now or never’” – Wall Street Journal
“ «Die größte Jan van Eyck-Ausstellung, die es je gegeben hat» – das ist nicht gerade ein Understatement” – Die Zeit
“Un moment exceptionnel … Van Eyck comme vous ne le verrez plus jamais” – La Libre

The largest Jan van Eyck exhibition ever

In 2020, the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) Ghent is organizing the largest Jan van Eyck exhibition ever. Only about twenty works of this Flemish master have been preserved worldwide. At least half of them travel to our museum. They are brought together with work from Van Eyck’s studio and copies of paintings that have since disappeared. But also with more than 100 masterpieces from the late Middle Ages. No less than 13 museum rooms are being redesigned for this.

Once in a lifetime experience

Want to experience the wonder that the contemporaries of Jan Van Eyck felt when seeing his work for the first time? Get closer than ever to Van Eyck’s mastery and admire the revolutionary gaze and genius of the master in detail. ‘Van Eyck. An optical revolution’ will be an absolute once-in-a-lifetime experience. And all this in the context of the theme year ‘OMG! Van Eyck was here’ in Ghent.

Under the website menu you’ll find all the details on the exhibition themes, the masterpieces on display, and the life and revolution of Jan van Eyck.

Van Eyck for everyone

Would you like to visit the exhibition indidivually, in group, with your family, class or company? Do you want to follow the free children’s tour or participate in the creative workshops? Would you rather come to the exhibition in the evening, or are you looking for an exclusive experience with a reception and walking dinner? Or do you want to bring Van Eyck into the classroom, thanks to the inspiration pack for teachers?

Then be sure to take a look at our ticket formula’s, where you’ll find all the different ways of experiencing “Van Eyck”. All necessary information for wheelchair users and people with disabilities can be found on the Accessibility page, and on the Access page you will find more information about how to get to the museum.

Dates and opening hours

‘Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution’ runs from 1 February up to and including 30 April 2020 at the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent. The exhibition is open 7 days a week. Every Monday, Friday and Saturday the exhibition is open until 11.00 PM.

Monday 9.30 AM – 11.00 PM
Tuesday 10.30 AM – 7.00 PM
Wednesday 9.30 AM – 6.00 PM
Thursday 10.30 AM – 7.00 PM
Friday 9.30 AM – 11.00 PM
Saturday 9.30 AM – 7.00 PM/11.00 PM
Sunday 9.30 AM – 7.00 PM


A standard ticket is 25 euros in presale online, and 28 euros in the museum during the exhibition. Discounts are available at 22, 15, 5 and 2 euros. Please check our ticket overview for more details.

Tickets at reduced rate are available for:

  • Residents of Ghent
  • Holders of an UITPAS in the Ghent region, Citycard or museumPASSmuseées.
  • Friends of the MSK
  • 6 to 18 year-olds
  • 19 to 25 year-olds
  • Holders of an UITPAS with opportunity rates in the Ghent region.

Whoever purchases a ticket at a reduced rate must be able to provide the necessary proof of eligibility upon their visit.

Access is free of charge for:

  • Chaperons of school groups and with persons who have a disability.
  • Holders of an ICOM-card that is valid for 2020.
  • Children under the age of 6.

They do not have to buy a ticket in advance.

Tourist organisations and tour operators are eligible for 10% discounts. In order to be recognised as a touristic partner, then please contact Peggy Hobbels at

A nice, little bonus

  • During 2020, your ticket is also valid for a discount for a visit to nine Ghent museums: Design Museum of Ghent, De wereld van Kina, Huis van Alijn, Industriemuseum, Museum Dr. Guislain, St Bavo’s Abbey, St Peter’s Abbey, S.M.A.K. and STAM.

About the MSK Ghent

The Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) in Ghent is a museum for young and old. It’s a lively meeting place where you discover art from the Middle Ages to today in a unique environment. During the exhibition ‘Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution’ we’ll make the medieval art of Van Eyck and his talented contemporaries tangible in the present. Everyone will come closer to Van Eyck than ever and discover how revolutionary he was then and how important he remains today.

The MSK is within walking distance of the Gent-Sint-Pieters train station and the P10 Sint-Pietersplein underground car park. The museum is also easily accessible by public transport. You can find more information here and on the Practical page.

Organisation and collaboration

This exhibition is made possible through the close collaboration with: the Flemish Community — Department of Culture, Youth & Media, the City of Ghent, Visit Flanders, St Bavo’s Cathedral, the Ghent University Art Historical Department, the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies at Ghent University, the Flemish Research Centre for the Arts in Burgundian Netherlands, and the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA).

Compilation of the exhibition
Maximiliaan Martens, Till-Holger Borchert, Jan Dumolyn, Johan De Smet en Frederica Van Dam, with the cooperation of Matthias Depoorter

Project leadership
Johan De Smet and Ellen Wyns


The exhibition is closed until April 19th as a measure against the further spread of the corona virus. If you bought a ticket for a visit during this period, you will be contacted by the museum personally. Thank you for understanding.