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The exhibition catalogue, Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution, places the contents of the exhibition in a broader context. By way of nineteen contributing essays by national and international experts, Van Eyck’s world, oeuvre, influence and reception are insightfully discussed and analysed. The book begins with a historical section, which contains, inter alia, a summary of current Van Eyck research, a biographical sketch and analyses of the time in which he lived and worked. The core of the book is formed by essays that illuminate his revolutionary art. An additional focus is the dialogue of Van Eyck’s work with other disciplines such as sculpture, miniature art and precious-metalworking. Finally, attention is paid to how artists from other European countries related to Van Eyck’s optical revolution.


  • The book was published by Cannibal Publishing.
  • Language editions: Dutch, English, German
  • Price: from 64,5 euro

Visitor’s guide

In addition to the substantial Van Eyck book, the MSK created a visitor’s guide that tells the story of Van Eyck’s optical revolution. The guide is also available in the museum shop for 15 euro.

If you buy both the catalogue and visitor’s guide, you receive a 5 euro discount.

Unique Van Eyck-merchandise

Especially for the exhibition ‘Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution’ the MSK developed a series of merchandise centered around the art of Jan van Eyck and his contemporaries. Postcards, kaleidoscopes, books, jigsaw puzzles, magnets, brooches, a memory game… there is a unique gift for every budget.


The shop is accessible during the opening hours of the MSK.

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