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Corporate visit

Corporate visit and evenings

Organise a private evening in the museum, or register for one of the exclusive evenings with an ‘Evening with Van Eyck’ reception or a walking ‘Dinner with Van Eyck.’ Group arrangements with breakfast, lunch or dinner are also possible. We’re happy to help you find the ideal unique ‘Van Eyck’ experience!

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MSK offers the possibility to organise your own evening event (max. 550 people) during the exhibition. Our in-house caterer will gladly provide you with a customised formula. You can also register a group for one of the public evenings with a reception or walking dinner, giving you the opportunity to visit the exhibition in an intimate setting with an audioguide or experienced guide, combined with a networking moment or corporate activity in the museum forum or auditorium. The group arrangements with breakfast, lunch or dinner are possible thanks to the collaboration between MSK and MuB’art, which is expanding their facilities with 60 extra seats during the Van Eyck exhibition.

Do you have a question concering your visit?

You can request more information on the corporate options at:

Please call +32 (0)9 210 10 32 (available from Monday through Saturday, between 10.00 and 18.00) for any other questions on your visit, or send an email to