Getting to the MSK

Discover how you can get closer to the genius of Jan van Eyck in the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent. More information about the accessibility of the museum and of the exhibition for people with specific physical needs is found here.

On foot

Whoever lives in and around the centre of Ghent can best come to the Museum of Fine Arts on foot, simply to skip the search for a parking space or an available bicycle lock-up. The Gent-Sint-Pieters train station is also only a two-kilometre walk from the museum.

From the Gent-Sint-Pieters train station to the museum: +/- 15 minutes.
From the Korenmarkt to the museum: +/- 30 minutes.

By bike

Personal bike

Outside of to the museum you will find sufficient bicycle lock-ups. Bikes that are dangerously locked up and that may impede passage or evacuation will be removed for safety reasons.

Hire a bike

  • Blue bikes: bike rental at the train stations Gent-Sint-Pieters and Dampoort.
  • Donkey fietsen: bike sharing in Ghent, by using an app.
  • De Fietsambassade: bike rental at the train stations Gent-Sint-Pieters and Dampoort and in the city centre.

With public transportation

Tram and bus: De Lijn

De Lijn offers different options to reach the the Museum of Fine Arts. From the ‘Van Naussaustraat’ or ‘Veergrep’ tram stops on the number 1 tramline, you will need to walk another 650 metres to the museum. Bus lines 70-78 take you to the ‘Heuvelpoort’ stop, 100 metres from the rear of museum. Finally, from the ‘Ledeganckstraat’ stop, on the number 5 or 8 bus routes, you only have 100 metres to walk. In the late evenings you can also depend upon the night service. All information and service guidelines are found on the website of De Lijn.

Train: NMBS

The Gent-Sint Pieters train station is a good fifteen-minute walk from the museum, through the Citadel Park. Most tram and bus lines also pass in front of the station. Tram 1 brings you to 650 metres from the museum and bus lines 70-78 stop 100 metres from the entrance (see above). All information and service guidelines are found at .

MSK Ghent – Saint Bavo’s Cathedral

On foot

23 minutes – 1.9 km – Get directions here

By bike

7 minutes – 2.1 km – Get directions here

With public transportation

+/- 18 minutes – Find the route planner here

With the car

Low-emissions zone

Ghent has a low-emissions zone, meaning that the most polluting vehicules can no longer enter the city centre. Be sure to check the city website to see of you’re allowed to enter with your car and to register your vehicle.

Park and rides outside the centre

Park your car at a free park-and-ride (P+R) and travel on with the tram or bus. Park-and-rides Expo-The Loop and Arsenaal are well situated for whomever comes with the car from the direction of Bruges, Oudenaarde, Antwerp or Brussels. The bus or tram brings you to within walking distance of the Museum of Fine Arts.

There is a free shuttle service between park-and-ride Watersportbaan or park-and-ride Weba / Decathlon and the city centre.

Moreover, the park-and-rids are included within the bike-share company of Donkey Republic. You can hire these bikes with your Smart Phone, via the Donkey Republic App.

Sint-Pietersplein/St Peter’s square Parking garage – Follow P10

This parking garage is 700 metres from the museum. It has 700 parking spaces, amongst which there are 3 parking places for disabled persons. There are 2 recharging points for electric cars. This parking lies within the low-emissions zone, so be sure to check whether you may drive in this zone with your car.

Parking garage Zuid – Follow P3

This parking garage is found under the Gent-Zuid shopping centre and the Woodrow Wilsonplein. There are 1.034 spaces, of which 2 are for disabled persons. This parking does not lie within the low-emissions zone. Walk 1,5 km to the museum, or take bus 5 or 8, which take you to the museum in 12 minutes.

Parking garage Savaanstraat – Follow P4

This parking garage is 1500 metres from the museum. It has 588parking spaces, amongst which there are 3 parking places for disabled persons. This parking lies within the low-emissions zone.

More parking garages: Vrijdagsmarkt, Ramen, Tolhuis, Reep, De Kouter, Centerparking, Sint-Michiels en Gent Dampoort.

B-Parking Sint-Pietersstation (St Peter’s Station)

This parking has 1.580 spaces, amongst which there are 47 places for disabled persons and 6 with a charging station for electric cars. This parking does not lie within the low-emissions zone. The underground parking is directly accessible from the R4 around Ghent, via the Valentin Vaerwyckweg and the Timicheg Tunnel. This new route is potentially not yet recorded in all route planners and GPS devices.

Parking on the street

In the vicinity of the Museum of Fine Arts there are very few available street parking places. Parking on the street requires payment.

Attention: do not park in places reserved for city residents. These zones are indicated with a sign. Whoever parks there will risk a fine of 80 euros per three hours.

Parking for people with a disability

In the Karel Lodewijk Ledeganckstraat there are various parking spaces reserved for disabled persons. With a parking permit for persons with a disability you can also park free of charge on the street, including on spaces where paid parking or a blue zone applies.

Attention: even with a parking permit for persons with a disability, you’re still not allowed to park in spaces reserved for residents.


Taxi stands are provided at the Gent-Dampoort and Gent-Sint-Pieters train stations. A taxi ride with a taxi from the Gent-Sint-Pieters station taxi stand to the museum costs less than 10 euro. Street taxis determine their own fares.

By bus

Bus drivers can drop their visitors off in the Hofbouwlaan. Waiting on location is not possible. After dropping off visitors, the drivers go to one of the two waiting locations for buses.

The first location is found at Yachtdreef 1a (Watersportsbaan). This is easily found via GPS. The second location is found at Kasteellaan (Dampoort). Travel along the Hofbouwlaan and turn right at the traffic signals, onto the city ring. Continue following the city ring until the intersection with the Kastellaan, where you will see the driveway for the bus parking on your right.