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Become a patron of the exhibition

‘Van Eyck’ brings more than 100 masterpieces of art from the Middle Ages to Ghent. An amount is attached to each of these (inter)national loans for transport, insurance and safety. Various masterpieces were restored especially for the exhibition in order to be able to be shown to the public in 2020 for the first time. Moreover, the MSK is also developing an extensive, custom-tailored offering for families, schools and visitors with special needs. As such, we are providing everyone the opportunity to come closer to Van Eyck than ever before.

Become a patron or sponsor of ‘Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution’, make a direct contribution to the largest Van Eyck exhibition ever and immediately receive an exclusive place within the unique event!

Companies as well as individual can serve as Van Eyck patrons or sponsors, and offer the exhibition financial or material support.

Make a gift

The King Baudouin Institute is lending its cooperation to ‘Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution’. Gifts starting at 40€ per year to Institute provide the opportunity for a tax deduction of 45% on the actual contributed amount (art. 145/33 WIB).

Contribute to cultural patronage account Museum of Fine Arts, managed by the King Baudouin Institute, to account BE10 0000 0000 0404 with BIC BPOTBEB1 for the King Baudouin Institute with the structured notification of 129/1029/00031.

Would you rather spread out your support over a year? Then a monthly deposit to the same account number is also possible. Every gift, large or small, is more than welcome. If you gift 500 euros than you become immortalised as a Zilver Mecenas (Silver Patron), Gouden Mecenas (Golden Patron) is for 1.500 euro. Interested in becoming a silver or gold patron? Then sign up for the fundraising evening where can discover what your gift is being used for during a look behind the scenes.

Become a sponsor

In exchange for financial sponsoring or in-kind sponsoring we devise an exclusive, customised partnership.

We offer partnerships for various portions of the exhibition:

  • sponsor a restoration or a loan and become a godparent of a work of art
  • sponsor ‘Van Eyck’ multi-medial’
  • sponsor ‘supra-local promotion campaigns’
  • sponsor ‘installation and logistics’
  • sponsor ‘get to Van Eyck’
  • support via a group purchase or book a networking event
  • sponsor ‘Van Eyck accessible for everyone’

In case you have another interesting offer, or if you have further questions about the formulas, you can always contact us via or telephone at +32 (0)9 323 67 62.